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Soller and surroundings

Sóller is a beautiful town on the North East coast of Mallorca. It is 3km inland of its port, Puerto de Sóller, surrounded by mountains, in a fertile valley which it shares with the village of Fornalutx and the hamlet of Biniaraix.

Sóller valley and port are about half an hour from Palma de Mallorca airport and have their own railway, tram and motorcoach services. The valley and the surrounding mountains, “the Tramuntana Sierra” are the favourite resort of people from all over the world, especially those who enjoy nature walks, culture, water sports and good food, or who simply seek a peaceful place away from the noisy tourism of possibly better known venues.


With its 13,000 inhabitants, Sóller is the commercial and cultural centre of the Tramuntana Sierra and the starting point of many itineraries following mountain and coastal paths and about the “valley of oranges”. The town square, with its imposing church, trees, open air cafés and mountain backdrop, is one of the most beautiful in the island. Surrounded by narrow streets with many shops, it is the popular meeting place for residents and tourists alike, especially on market days. From here one can take the antique Tram to Puerto Sóller to bathe or take a boat trip to the Torrente de Pareis.

Port of Sóller

Over the years, the port of Sóller has become one of the fashionable holiday resorts of the island. The almost circular bay, with two beautiful beaches, an attractive shopping area, the pedestrian sea front and many excursion routes, offers a unique experience to the visitor.

The beautiful setting is best appreciated from the lighthouse or the Mirador de Sta. Catalina, high on the coast. At sunset there are no more romantic spots. From either viewpoint one has a splendid view of the port and the pleasure boats which sail several times a day to the Torrente de Pareis.

It is easy to see how access to the valley was difficult in days gone by and how sea trade with France was important for the survival of the town.
The antique Tram links the port to the town of Sóller, a few Km inland, so that visitors may combine sun and sand with culture, shopping, a visit to the weekly market, a trip to Palma on the train, or simply enjoy the peace of this unique setting.

Biniaraix & Fornalutx

Fornalutx is in the middle of the Tramuntana Sierra, which stretches along the north coast of Mallorca with a deep valley running from the Puig Mayor towards Sóller.

The name ‘Fornalutx’ or ‘Fornalucem’ derives from ‘Fornel’, a blacksmith’s forge, with the Mozarabic suffix ‘utx from the Roman ‘uem’.

Fornalutx, or ‘Fornalugi’, as written in ancient documents, dates from the Conquest as a Moorish hamlet, as can be recognised from the layout of its ancient streets.

Historically always linked with the neighbouring town of Sóller, they were one municipality until 1813 and in 1837 Fornalutx was established as independent, with its own Council and Mayor.

Fornalutx puede considerarse como un conjunto de interés indiscutible tanto paisajístico como arquitectónico, así como de su entorno.

Fornalutx is recognised as of outstanding attraction in its buildings and beautiful setting In recent years this has resulted in a considerable increase in foreign residents settling in the village.


Llucalcari, also known as Es Carrer, is a small hamlet some 3km from Deyà towards Sóller. Built on the steep side of a mountain facing the sea it consists of some twenty houses and is one of the most idyllic scenes in Mallorca. It has a small, simple chapel dating from 1600.
Some of the larger houses have defence towers. Descending to the sea by a stone stairway between pine trees we reach a small cove called ‘es Canyaret’, with a fresh water spring where some people take mud baths, believing there to be theraputic properties.

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